2023: MONTHLY saturday Afternoon Psychodrama for Personal and Professional Growth

Certified training in psychodrama for health-care providers;  for professional and personal growth!

These experiences are offered in Horseshoe Bay Community Ctr!!

from 1-5pm  on saturdays:
Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13 Gleneagles Community Ctr, Horseshoe Bay

Come to one, some, or all !!!

Certified Psychodrama Training 


Workshops are expected to include:

  • Participating to the degree you want to  ; )
  • Enjoying warm-up and group building exercises
  • Brief description of psychodrama’s history, philosophy, and structure
  • Experiential pieces are expected to be demonstrated and processed by the group.  Supportive opportunities for workshop participants to direct are also expected

Cost for each afternoon is $140.   (includes pst).  Space is limited.  $100 deposit required.  please note date of workshop you are making deposit for.  thanks!

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